Greg Clark On
Building The Beretta 38A Semi Auto
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Thank you for your interest in my process for building a Beretta M-38A parts kit into a legal semi-auto carbine.

Please keep in mind at all times that this is only a documentary of what I did when I built my Beretta M-38A parts kits into a legal, functioning and delightful semi-auto carbine and pistol. While I will try to guide you through everything I did and why I did it, this is NOT an all inclusive How-To-Do-It or step-by-step tutorial. I'm sure to miss things you may find important. These little blind spots open the door to your creativity and allow you to make this build very personal. Please feel free to do anything and everything differently. There is no single way to do any part of this project.

Please note that this is nothing more than a chronicle of my project. I do NOT warrant any part of this to be safe, sane, legal or scientifically sound. I do not accept, and you agree by continuing on and using this CD that I do not accept, ANY legal liability for omissions, errors, typographical mistakes or any other act that leads to malfunction, injury or property damage. It's up to you to research these things and make your own informed decision. I assume NO legal liability for the outcome of any part of your project. These things worked for me, but I have no way to know if you have actually carried these steps out to my standards.

In addition, everything on this CD is copyrighted (Gregory E. Clark, 2008) and subject to Federal Copyright Laws. NOTHING may be copied, reprinted or duplicated in any way or for any reason. The original purchaser is granted license to use this work (and not ownership of this CD or the information on it) for their own personal NON-COMMERCIAL USE. Commercial use of this information to produce firearms for sale requires a Federal license and a written license from Gregory E. Clark.

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