The GunBuilds GB-26 Series

Based on the Czech CZ23 through CZ26 family of sub machine guns

The CZ-23 through CZ-26 family of sub machine guns were developed in Czechoslovakia in 1948 as part of that countries post WWII rearmament. The initial guns were made in 9mm but the later guns were made in 7.62X25. This was due to political pressure from Russia, as Czechoslovakia became part of the USSR.

It's easy to tell the original 9mm guns fromm the 7.62 guns by the grip angle and slant of the magazine. The 9mm guns are close to vertical and the 7.62 guns have a noticible forward slant to the magazine. However, the 7.62 guns can be made to reliably feed the 9mm round.

These guns were the first production sub guns designed around the concept of the bolt telescoping around the barrel. This allowed a deep set barrel and a much shorter and better balanced gun. The original concept for this design came from the unsuccessful MCEM designed by BSA for British sub machine gun trials (to replace the STEn) during the Second World War. In those trials, the Sterling emerged the British first choice.

The famous Uzi machine gun of Israel took many design ideas from this gun.

These are well designed and well built guns. The one I built first, in 7,62mm, is a reliable firearm, is accurate and has proven to be fun to shoot. It's a well balanced gun and instinctive shooting is easy with it.

Currently, GunBuilds is offering these unique guns on a custom order basis. I can build you a complete 16" barreled semi auto carbine, an SBR, a pistol version, or even a Post Sample full auto if you're qualified to buy one. All are offered with an optional custom reflex supperssor. Both the SBR and the suppressor require an approved Form Four and a $200 tax for transfer. An SBR with a suppressor is a "Two Stamp Gun".

These are fully BATF approved builds.

The following video was NOT using subsonic ammo. It was with Brown Bear 115 grain ammo at full supersonic speed. The gun is much quieter with Fiocchi 158 gr subsonics.

The GunBuilds semi automatic versions are based on a re-machined bolt and a proprietary striker. The guns use an original FCG unit with internal modifications in order to disable full automatic fire. The original full auto parts will not fit back into the gun.

Current pricing is as follows (plus shipping and insurance):

  • 7.62X25mm Pistol build = $800
  • 7.62X25mm Carbune build = $950
  • 9mm Pistol Build = $950
  • 9mm Carbine build = $1050
  • 7.62X25mm sub machine gun = $550
  • 9mm sub machine gun = $650

In addition, parts and information are available for those who wish to build their own CZ-26.

  • Striker, including the striker spring, buffer and firing pin = $120 + shipping. (Bolt machining required.)(SOLD OUT RIGHT NOW)
  • Striker as above plus all needed machining of your bolt. $350 + return shipping (SOLD OUT RIGHT NOW)
  • How-To-Build book in CD form. Read it on your computer. $30. Free shipping.

GB-26 pistol build

GB-26 carbine build
Shown with stock folded

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