The GunBuilds Family of Goryunov Machineguns

The BATF approved Goryunov SG-43 is currently on hold!
I will be phasing this build totally out and am not taking new orders.

When equipped with the Clark CrankFire © fire control system, this gun is legally capable of near full auto firing rates,

Currently I'm offering two options for the building of your Goryunov parts kit.

First, I'm offering a complete gun building service on your parts kit. This requires a complete parts kit and a fireable barrel. I provide all needed conversion parts but any missing or damaged parts in your kit will be your responsibility to replace. I sometimes have these parts and can supply them at extra cost, The most common problems usually center around missing sights and badly corroded gas blocks.

The second option is my copyrighted "how-to-build-it yourself" tutorial book set. This two volume set is on CDs that run on your computer and look like this web page. For examples of past books and current prices, see the "How To Build Tutorials" section on the menu on the left. With these books and basic metal working skills you can build your Goryunov yourself. Welding and machine shop skills are required and these steps can be farmed out to a skilled gunsmith or welder in your area. $60 for the pair.

Be sure to check recent changes in BATF rules about having a non-licensed (FFL) do machine work or welding on a receiver.

In addition, I offer an expanding line of ready made or converted parts to assist you. Please see the left menu selection "Parts For The Home Builder".

Additional notes:

Due to the volume of orders received, we are at least a year backlogged on actual gun work.

Please email me before sending anything for work.

Goryunov "Build Your Kit" Pricing.

The following assumes a fully functional barrel and a kit with all parts included and usable. Additional charges will be made for missing parts with NO GUARANTEE that I can even find the parts.

Both the Goryunov semi auto conversion and the Clark CrankFire unit will be done in compliance with my BATF-FTB letter of approval. A Certificate of Compliance will be provided with complete firearm builds only.

There are some differences in pricing depending on whether the kit is an SGMT or an SG-43. In general, you are much better off with a SG-43 for general use as it comes with rear sights and requires slightly less work.

If you have a kit with the optional night scope, please note that the scope will NOT fit on the gun after I modify the receiver for the Clark CrankFire unit. Also, please do not ship me the scope, the gun mount or the scope mount when submitting a kit for building.

Please note the new prices as follows
  • Total build price for SG-43 = $3000.
  • Total build price for SGMT = Add $150 to SG-43 price and you supply a rear sight.
  • Total build price for SGM = Add $100 to SG-43 price.
  • Labor for installing a front sight = $75.
  • Labor for replacing a gasblock (front sight has to be removed and replaced) = $150.
  • A California etc compliant version (no crank system) of the FCG without the crank system is available at $75 less.
  • To convert the existion flash hider to a compensator for those states that require it = $50.
  • To sandblast the chrome off of the CrankFire crank and paint to match the gun add $35.
  • Loose parts -
  • New harderned firing pin, to replace the full auto unit in the original bolt. These are $30 if ordered separately, with shipping included.
  • Newly made (USA) recoil spring. Full auto length, $15 plus $6 shipping.
  • Return shipping, FedEx Ground, Insured = $75

    Special note on the Clark CrankFire unit
    The question constantly comes up - "Can I order the gun without the crank?

    Well - sorta - yes & no.

    Some un-American and anti US Constitution states like California and DC won't allow a crank fired semiauto firearm. In addition, there are many re-enactors who want a gun that is as accurately presented as possible.

    The answer(s) are - the crank can be left off. The box on the side must stay as all of the approved fire control group is in the box. If your state allows the crank but you just want it off for a presentation, a simple set screw allows removal.

    Actually, with the crank painted to match the gun it isn't really obvious. And, in a re-enactment, the near full auto firing rate with blanks is really cool!


    The celebrated Clark CrankFire FCG unit is now offered for sale to home builders! $350 plus $12 shipping.

    The Clark Crankfire unit will NOT work with a WiseLite built gun as they are striker fired. This FCG should only be used on guns designed from the bottom up for this FCG!

    The complete crank fired unit is offered "in the white" for $350 plus $12 shipping by Priority Mail. HOWEVER, the purchase of BOTH volumes of the CD based book on building the Goryunov is required for sale of the CrankFire unit. This is done to ensure that the CCF unit is properly installed in a properly built firearm. If you are ordering the Clark CrankFire box and already have the CDs, supply the serial numbers of BOTH CDs, your real name and the city the CDs were shipped to. I keep record of every CD sale.

    See "Parts For The Home Builder" in the menu to the left.

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