Can I Legally Build A Gun?

The answer to this question is a definitely "Maybe"!

Why the indefinite answer? Because we have so many confusing and poorly written gun laws.

First off, let's start with Federal Law. As of this date (July 2009) it is perfectly legal for a private, unlicensed individual to build firearms for their own personal use. However, there are several qualifiers to this.

Number one is, you must be of legal age to own the gun you wish to build.

Second is, you must be legally able to own this type of gun in general. You cannot be a convicted felon, drug abuser, violent criminal or mental defective. There is a whole lot more to Federal gun ownership laws and it's up to you to get very familiar with these laws.

Next comes the personal use issue. It is apparently legal for you to sell a gun you have built (again, check the laws yourself). HOWEVER, it is NOT legal to build a gun with the intention of selling it when you are done. This is a business plan and you must have a Federal Firearms License to do this. In general, if you build and sell two guns of the same type, you could go to jail!

Next are the issues involving full auto (clearly illegal in all cases) short barreled rifles, 922r parts count issues and many others. There is a lot of homework that you will need to do on this. Some information is available on the Weapons Guild web site. You will need to join, it's free and painless and you won't get spammed by them.

Weapons Guild

Following all this is all of the state, county and city laws for the area you live in. These are far too numerous and confusing to even think about discussing here.

Lets say that it is quite possible for you to home build any gun that you are allowed to own under any other circumstances and be done with it!

Have fun!!


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