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Thank you for ordering from GunBuilds!

Completed guns will only be shipped to FFL 01 or 07 holders. I cannot ship to 03 (C&R) license holders.

Delivery times:

Due to high demand, I'm usually backed up for six months to a year. Please DO NOT just send me guns or parts for work without first contacting me to see if I can accomodate the additional work right now.

Ready made parts:

Everything offered here is made in a one person shop, and demand is quite high at the moment. My delivery time on parts is running between 6 and 8 weeks. This time could increase (or decrease) as demand changes. All estimates are subject to revision depending on the panic level in the shop at that time!

Complete Firearms and Build-Your-Kit services.

Right now, ONLY Goryunov SG series builds are being accepted.

Delivery times are impossible to estimate. They depend on the current shop backlog and how many parts need to be completely fabricated for the build. Prices are also heavily dependent on what custom features you want.

Should I agree to build a kit I have never commercially built before, say an MP-40, times may be even longer due to custom jigs and set up tools that may need to be made. Additional charges may result for custom jig work.

Receivers and complete firearms MUST be sent to a FFL dealer. A Class 3 (C&R) FFL WILL NOT DO! You must include a current, valid and signed FFL copy with the parts or order.

Payment :

Payment may be made by Money Order or Cashier's Check. Personal checks may be sent but nothing will be built or sent until it clears.

Please make sure you clearly state what you are ordering, otherwise your order will be delayed while I try to figure it out. Please include a Your real name, your Weapons Guild screen name if you have one, a street address, phone number and a reliable e-mail address so I can contact you if needed!

I do not accept PayPal! PayPal is an un-American, anti US Constitution (Second Amendment) business.

Payments and parts shipments to:

Orders may be placed by e-mail, followed by payment, or via US mail to the above address. Work start date is determined by when payment is received and clears the bank. As stated before, do not send anything to me without first getting my OK.


Complete guns carry a limited one year warranty ONLY ON PARTS MADE BY ME .

There is a very limited 30 day warranty on all orders for home builder parts. Remember, all original Goryunov parts and components are quite old and the individual parts made and sold by me are intended for unsupervised use in home built guns. I have absolutely no control over how well or poorly they are used, installed or modified and I assume no responsibility other than stating that parts are as advertised. My only warranty is that I will repair or replace any part that is not as advertised.

You agree to assume ALL liability for the use of any GunBuilds product by the simple acts of ordering and accepting delivery. I accept absolutely NO LIABILITY for injury, accident or property loss which occurs while using any product or service provided by GunBuilds. Period!

If the warranty claim is that the parts fail to fit or function, I require that you ship the part, and all other parts that function with it, to me for examination. Shipment may be made directly to me without going through a local FFL. I recommend FedEx for shipment as I have fewer items lost or damaged with them.

Should my determination be that the cause of mal-function is due to parts not made by me, or modifications made by another person, there will be appropriate charges for replacement or modification.

you can email me at:

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