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The following is a collection of photos of guns I have built. Some are in my private collection and some are guns built for customers. I will try to keep this section current with new photos as I go along. Some of these images may be viewed in larger format by "right clicking" them and selecting "View Image".

Most are converted to semi-auto only in compliance with Federal Law.

Here's the gun that got me started in building exotic custom weapons. The 9mm Suomi M-31!

This was also my first BATF approved build.

And this was my second BATF approved build. The Yugoslav M-56 sub-machine gun in 7.62X25 caliber. It's a very reliable shooter!

The PPs-43 in 7.62X25 was my third BATF approved firearm. This nice example is a 16" barreled rifle with functional folding stock and a modified CNC Warrior flash suppressor.

This is the Finnish KP-44 in 9mm. It is shown with the standard 72 round drum. This nice example was built as a pistol and has no folding butt stock.

This gun is also BATF approved.

This is a prototype I made for the Prexis company. This was a 9mm "Stenling" clone. It's made from almost all new US made parts with a Sten bolt and Sterling FCG and was a concept for retail sales as a kit gun. However, there was a flood of cheap Sterling parts kits on the market about that time and the project was shelved.

This is a "fantasy gun" that I had wanted to build for several years. I call it "El Tutore" which means "The Guardian" in Italian. It was made from a Beretta 38A parts kit, is in 9mm and has a red dot laser sight on top. With the 40 round magazine, it could guard just about anything!

This gun is also BATF approved..

And here's a more conventional Beretta 38A I built for a customer.

Here's my hybrid AK. It has milled front and rear sections with a cut-to-fit section from a stamped AK flat TIG welded in. Due to the mix of mismatched parts, I call it the "Bastardnikov". It shoots great!.

This is a STEn that I built and is in my collection. With 7.62X25 ammo being so cheap at the time, I decided I wanted a STEn in this caliber. It uses a modified PPs-43 magazine. Sorry - no video!

I am currently offering the Soviet SG-43 and SGMT-43 belt fed heavy machine guns. This is fully BATF approved and in production. Please see the photo section on the Gory.

Here's my completely functional, crank fired SG-43 Goryunov.

This is my Silent Suomi in 9mm. I have pellet guns that are louder. It was built on an approved form one and is a hoot to shoot!

I made the Suomi into a bolt action so it doesn't make all the mechanical noises of the bolt slapping back and forth.

This is one you rarely find in any collection! It's a Czech ZK-383 Squad Heavy Sunmachine Gun in 9mm.

Sorry - no video here either.

This is my pistol build of the CZ-26 in the original 7.62X25

Please note the custom machined in muzzle break. It really helps.

Here's a gun I have wanted in my collection for a long time. It's an all Nazi stamped MP-34. Nice shooting semi auto now.

Here's a gun I recently build because there's a lot of parts kits for sale at reasonable prices. The semi auto trigger is a real challenge so I decided to build this one select fire. Yep, it's a NFA Postie. Nice shooting full auto now.

And there will be more to come soon! Please check back.

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