Safety Warning!

Proper fitting of CZ-26 striker

Please note that improper fitting and adjustment of the GunBuilds CZ-26 striker system can lead to the dangerous condition of the gun accidentally discharging on initial charging/loading. This condition is referred to as short stroking and results from the charging handle not being FULLY retracted on loading.

It only happens on the initial loading of the first cartridge from a magazine. It can happen any time the gun is loaded and cocked. This can also happen if you try to shoot light or reduced loads in the gun. The weaker cartridges may not send the bolt back far enough to allow the sear to capture the striker.

What happens is the improperly adjusted striker allows the bolt face to clear the rear of the topmost cartridge in the magazine before the front of the striker has fully moved and latched behind the trigger sear. If the charging handle is released at this point, the top cartridge will be stripped out of the magazine, chambered AND FIRED! The cartridge fires because the striker follows the bolt with the firing pin fully projecting forward.

Not all guns will do this. What causes this dangerous condition is the variability of just where the builder positions the magazine well/grip, the trigger pack and where the openings for these parts are cut.

To check for this condition the gun must be mechanically completed. With the fore grip removed, and the bolt and striker springs installed, insert a magazine with several DUMMY/INERT rounds loaded. Slowly draw back the charging handle until the bolt face just clears the rear of the topmost cartridge. Mark the position of the charging handle with a magic marker on the receiver.

Then repeat the process and this time note at what point the trigger sear pops up in front of the sear surface of the striker. You will most likely hear it click and see the small projecting stub on the left of the trigger pack pop up. Mark this exact point on the receiver as well.

It is critical that the sear pop-up point mark be farther forward on the receiver than the cartridge clearing point by at least 1/8 inch!

If it isn't, trim back the front surface of the striker until you have this 1/8 inch clearance. Remember, the front surface of the striker is the half circle shaped end. Keep the cut surface square and flat as the trigger sear has to latch here.

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